Works In Progress


PACK IT IN is a queer urban fantasy novel that explores the choices we face as we outgrow our parents and their expectations.

Scout is fighting with her mother about werewolf politics and is trying to convince one of her best friends to overcome her anxiety and just ask out that girl already. Her pack is clinging to her as they ride out problems of addiction, mental illness, and changing sexualities as they hit their mid-twenties and still don’t have a handle on their lives. Avery is ashamed of her necromancer heritage and moves to the beaches of North Carolina in hopes of escaping her family and blood. She is torn between hiding the fact that she is a witch versus just embracing it already when a sweet werewolf woman catches her eye. As Scout and Avery fall more in love, they are forced to decide if they want to participate in their own destinies laid before them by family blood or strike out on their own.


THE TASTE OF MAGIC is a fantasy novel that follows Liana, a mage that was ripped from her family at a young age to save her life. The northern cities are slowly banning magic and her parents are in the thick of the rebellion. Her mother is killed and Liana receives a letter from her father, begging for forgiveness and for Liana to come back and help. Liana doesn’t know what to do or what to expect and sets out to find herself and her own brand of magic.

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