3 Reasons to Hire an Editor

Everyone Needs a Second Set of Eyes

Fresh eyes are always invaluable when it comes to a writing project. Whether it’s your life long novel, a piece of flash fiction, a Master’s thesis project, or your family Christmas letter, a fresh pair of eyes can help catch repeated words, missed words, language that doesn’t flow, and other minor mistakes. When you’ve been looking at your work for ages, you will often automatically correct mistakes while reading. An editor provides the opportunity for someone else to see them and catch them before you publish.

Improve Your Writing

Editing is as important to the writing process as planning, character development, and even the writing itself. As you work with an editor, you can learn how to tighten up your writing, improve your own voice, and keep track of those grammar mistakes. Every round of editing will show you your most common mistakes and, over time, you’ll be able to avoid them in the first place.

Receive Honesty and Objectivity

It’s always tempting to reach out to your writer’s group or good friends or colleagues to read your manuscript. However, these people may read and give feedback on your piece but it may come with a lot of sugar. A hired editor is going to be honest and objective about your writing, pointing out both flaws and gems. Editors want to make your work be the best it can be and not being invested in your personal feelings makes this easier. This isn’t to say that we don’t care about what you at all, but being removed helps provide better, more honest feedback.

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