About Me

I’ve been writing since I was young, always enthralled by books and wanting to come up with my own stories. Fantasy novels became my heart genre and I’ve since expanded into slice of life stories, sci-fi, and erotica pieces. I’ve been writing for over ten years now and have a hard drive full of short stories and novels waiting for me to finish them.

I’m also an active participant in NaNoWriMo, with 2017 being my tenth year! I adore writing communities and the companionship they foster between writers.

Beyond writing, I’m a photographer, a student at SNHU finishing my bachelors in English with a concentration on Fiction Writing, a small animal lover, obsessed with Breyer model horses, and learning more from comic writers and indie publishers than I’d like to admit. I’m passionate about video games, gardening, and planning projects. I live with my partner, my cat, three rats, and two ferrets. I try to incorporate all of this into my writing somehow and often find my real life to be funnier than my stories.