Editing Services

What does hiring me to edit your project mean?

First, I offer a free manuscript evaluation up to 1,000 words. I’ll look over your writing, tell you what I think needs to be worked on, listen to your feedback, and work out a plan for you and your writing.

Substantive/Structural/Stylistic Editing

I believe all of this kind of editing goes hand and hand but not always. Substantive and structural editing focuses on the flow of content, making sure the plot is developing in a sensible and understandaable way, and ensuring that everything works together in a smooth fashion. Along with this is stylistic editing where I look at language and voice to convey that smoothness and flow. I learn your own unique voice and help you develop it into professional and beautiful writing.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is the nuts and bolts. I look over your piece for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and more. I will examine your writing with a fine-tooth comb and make sure that all of it is technically correct.

Sensitivity Reading

This kind of editing is unique in that I will be evaluating your manuscript in how you have handled sometimes sensitive issues. I specialize in advising on mentally ill characters and LGBT issues. I can also advise on BDSM relationships and consent in that form.

Other Services

Of course, the above kinds of editing is not all that exists out there. I’m also able to help with fact checking, rewriting, and proofreading. If you’re not sure what kind of editing you need, I’ll discuss this with you during your manuscript evaluation and help you figure out what is best for you.

Contact me at eangell.writes@gmail.com for quotes.